Sushi Recipes:

Learn step-by-step how to make delicious sushi

Chef Devaux makes it easy for you to create delicious, great looking sushi. Step by step the Chef gives you instructions; in words, photos and videos. Simply follow his recipes, watch the videos and enjoy the result!


How to best use this page

The sushi recipes are useful for beginners ánd for experienced sushi lovers. Follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll create delicious sushi right from the start. The more often you do this, the sooner you will be improving your sushi skills.

Already experienced in making (basic) sushi? Then let yourself be inspired by the stunning sushi creations of Chef Devaux. Become creative, experiment with different ingredients or seasonings and make the recipes your own.


Starting with the sushi dish you want

Simply click on a dish to your liking, acquire the ingredients and utensils, follow the sushi recipe, watch the video and start cooking.


Starting with the ingredients you have

Already have the main ingredient, but don’t know what kind of sushi to make? Then select the corresponding item from the top menu.

You will be presented with a number of delicious sushi dishes, based on the ingredient you’ve selected. Click on the photo to go straight to the recipe and start cooking!

Choose from chicken, crab, eel, salmon, or tuna. Meat lovers can select steak to get the recipe for Tataki Sushi, a wonderful sirloin steak appetizer.

Of course, there are also recipes for vegetarians. No need to miss out on delicious sushi if you don’t want to eat fish, sea food or meat.


Start with technique and impressive looks

Maki, nigiri and sushi art are not based on ingredients but on the way they’re constructed. Maki refers to the well-known type of sushi that’s rolled in a cylinder shape by using a sheet of nori. Nigiri is sushi rice shaped by hand, with a piece of (raw) fish or seafood on top. Sometimes a small strip of nori is used to bind rice and fish together.

Sushi art is a collection of great looking sushi for various occasions, or just because you feel like it. From creating a panda, a tiger or a dragon, to a sushi flower, Santa sushi or romantic heart shaped sushi to melt the heart of your Valentine. And of course, no matter the kind of sushi art you select, it all tastes delicious!


First things first: sushi rice

Whatever type of sushi you want to make, always start with the rice. You can make good sushi with good rice, but you can only make great sushi if you master cooking great rice.

It’s really not difficult. One of the most important things: take some time to practice, practice and practice. Once you’re able to cook great sushi rice, you’ll have mastered a skill that benefits you a lifetime.

Here’s Chef Devaux taking you through the basics of cooking great sushi rice. Success and enjoy your meal!