Smoked Salmon Roll

The smoked salmon sushi roll is a fun and exciting sushi roll which consists of smoked salmon on the outside with a avocado, fresh salmon and mascapone filling. Below is the full recipe so you can make this at home.


nori-sheet-with-rice-how-to-make-sushi1Step 1)

Place the rice on the Nori, about 150g of cooked sushi rice (learn how to make cooked sushi rice), covering about 1/2 of the sheet, do not press the rice down rather spread it out lightly.

salmon-sushi-roll-fillingStep 2)

Place some cling film on the rice,  flip over the Nori and rice. Add the filling on the empty side of the Nori sheet.

filling: fresh salmon strips, avocado strips and mascarpone.

rolling-a-sushi-rollStep 3)

Roll the sushi roll, if you need help with this please visit :

learn how to roll sushi rolls

salmon-sushi-roll-placing-the-smoked-salmon-on-topStep 4) 

After rolling cover the top of the roll with Smoked Salmon as in the picture to the left.

smoked-salmon-sushi-rollStep 5) 

Wrap in cling film and cut using a extremely sharp knife.The sushi roll should yield about 8 pieces. be shore zig and zag the knife through the sushi roll like when you use a saw.

amazing-salmon-sushi-rollStep 6)

Present the sushi on a plate with some pickled ginger, wasabi and soya sauce.enjoy



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