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How about that? Donuts originate from ‘olykoek’, oily cakes Dutch settlers brought with them to New York when it still was called New Amsterdam. Now Chef Devaux transforms this sweet classic into a delicious sushi meal. International cooperation at its finest!


Step 1: Making the avocado mixture

Take 2 avocados and cut them in half. Stop cutting at the pit in the center, otherwise it may blunt your knife. Slide a tablespoon between the peel and the flesh to scoop out the flesh. Cut it in small chunks and place them in a bowl.

Squeeze a lime over the avocado and whisk until it’s mashed. You can use a whisk or a fork for this, whichever you prefer.

Add a little bit of wasabi. Obviously this goes very well with the sushi you’re making. Put the mix in a piping bag. You can buy them made from plastic, but you can easily make a piping bag from greaseproof paper. The avocado mix in the bag stays well and keeps its color for 2 days in the refrigerator, so you can prepare this in advance.


Piping Avocado

Step 2: Filling the donut mold

Making donuts requires a (silicone) donut mold. Cook 300 g of sushi rice. Fill each mold shape with the rice. Add the avocado mix from the piping bag. Optionally you can add salmon tartare, tuna tartare or whichever kind you prefer. Cover the mold fillings with some more sushi rice and compress it with your fingers, to make sure it fully gets the donut shape.

Now turn over the donut mold and remove the mold. You’ll probably need to press each mold shape a bit to make it come loose. Don’t try to pick up the rice-avocado donuts with your hands. Instead, slide a broad knife under the donut.

Filling Mould

Step 3: Preparing the salmon

Take a 200 g piece of salmon and cut thin (2-3 mm) slices at a 45˚ angle. Slice against the grain (the white lines) in one swooping motion to get nice, clean cuts.


Step 4: Preparing the radish and cucumber

Using a mandoline, cut the radish in thin (2 mm) slices. Marinate the radish slices in some sushi rice vinegar for 10 minutes.

Cut off a piece of cucumber of 10 cm, cut in in half, scoop out the seeds and moisture using a spoon. Cut thin lengthwise slices and cut them diagonally in half in order to get a more or less pointy shape at one end. Put 4 slices on top of each other in a fan like manner.

Step 5: Creating the sushi donut

Place the cucumber fan on the rice donut. Stick the pointy side in the donut hole. Cut off the excess and press the cucumber against the rice donut to make it stick.

Place the radish slices next to the cucumber slices. Layer them overlapping each other in 2 or 3 rows. You’ll need 8 to 10 radish slices for this.

Place 2 salmon slices next to the radish. Next to the salmon, place a teaspoon of tobiko.

Then place a teaspoon of crispy rice bits next to the tobiko. Crispy rice bits are usually meant for tempura batter or frying, but they also taste great without any cooking and add a nice, crispy sensation to the sushi donut. For this recipe, we’ll simply use ready-made rice bits.


Step 6: Serving the sushi donut

With scissors or a sharp knife, cut out a square piece of nori slightly bigger than the donut. Stick a broad knife under the sushi donut and place it onto the nori. You’re ready to taste the result of your work. Optionally add a bit of soy sauce.

You can use other ingredients to your liking. Another great combination is tuna instead of salmon, and avocado instead of cucumber.

Final Donut




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Product name: Sushi Donut/
Sushi Donut/
Time to prepare the recipe: 15 minutes
Time to cook: 0 minutes
Duration: 15 minutes
Servings: serves 1
Ingredients: 2 avocados, 1 lime, Wasabi, 300 g of sushi rice, Sushi rice vinegar, 200 g of sashimi grade salmon, Radish, Cucumber, Tobiko, Crispy rice bits, Sheet of nori,

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