About Make Sushi

My name is Davy Devaux.  I’m a self-taught, sushi chef and aficionado – skills I’ve gained, quite simply, because I enjoy eating sushi!

My relationship/ love affair/ fascination with sushi actually began as a hobby; preparing dishes for friends’ parties, and special occasions, such as birthdays and New Year’s Eve. Friends would compliment me on my dishes – many saying it was the best sushi they had ever sampled! Others would even ask if I had ever considered opening a restaurant! (Not something I had considered then, but who knows… maybe someday!)

But, I digress.

MakeSushi.org was borne from two primary hobbies – cooking sushi, and website building – both of which I had ambitiously tried to incorporate into a day job. As you can imagine, developing  two such contrasting businesses was extremely challenging, and it was inevitable that one would eventually suffer. Would you believe I actually had a total of 26 domains dedicated to different niches at one point?

My sushi business began as a small, commercial delivery service in Marbella, Spain. Each morning, I would prepare a range of sushi dishes, and deliver them to local restaurants – who would then sell it in-house. With relatively little competition, business quickly gathered pace, and I was preparing vast amounts of sushi every morning. But, while inherently successful, I didn’t enjoy the assembly line nature of preparing sushi in this way  – a feeling I am sure most line cooks can probably identify with!

After a few months in business, I took the decision to discontinue the delivery service; instead choosing to focus on creating and debuting new, never-seen-before sushi recipes. Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing initially. The primary issue was I had nowhere to log or showcase my unique recipes. And unlike art, it would soon be forgotten if no-one bothered to take a picture. Thus, I developed MakeSushi.org; a platform with which I could both showcase, and share my achievements!

During the early stages, the blog was quite limited, containing only recipes with pictures. Having never really performed on camera, I, like most people, was a little camera shy – hence why there were no videos. A chance invitation from an old school friend soon changed my attitude.

With the aid of another friend, we shot two videos that evening. Preferring to stay off-camera, I would show the girls how to prepare the sushi, and they would re-enact these steps during filming.


As you can imagine, with little prior filming experience, these early videos were pretty poor quality. (You can see them here : video 1 and video 2).

Emboldened by those early videos, I took the decision to step in front of the camera myself for the next filming sessions. And then, the YouTube channel was born!

Shortly thereafter, my sushi blog – which had remained a hobby until this point – began receiving more views than all of my other websites combined. It was then I decided to refocus my attention on one thing, and fortunately for me, it just so happened to be a culmination of both of my hobbies!