Learn step-by-step how to make delicious sashimi

Do you also want to create these delicious, great looking sashimi dishes? You can, with a little help from Chef Devaux. Step by step the Chef tells you how to do it; in words, photos and videos. Simply follow his recipes, watch the videos and enjoy the result!

What it is

First some basic sashimi knowledge. Sashimi by definition is made from fresh, raw fish or seafood. Only saltwater fish is used. Fresh water fish in general should not be eaten raw, because of the danger of parasites.

Traditionally salmon was not used for sashimi, because salmon lives in salt and in fresh water. However, recently it has become more popular to have salmon sashimi in Japan, it is recommended freeze salmon to kill any possible parasites, this makes it safe to eat raw. Although that is not always necessary with farmed salmon as they are treated with anti-parasitical vacations.

Some sashimi dishes are not served raw, it is a matter of debate whether this can still be called sashimi. Chef Devaux doesn’t mind cooking sashimi ingredients. As long as it leads to a delicious dish, it’s all good either way!


How to best use this page

The sashimi recipes are not hard to make. But be aware that it really helps if you have some cutting skills. This does not influence the taste, but it does influence the presentation. Some people think it actually does influence the taste; when it looks better, your brain can convince you it also tastes better.

Whatever your opinion on this subject: start with acquiring a really sharp knife. If there’s one kitchen tool you will never regret having spent money on, it’s a quality knife.

Cutting skills are all the more important for sashimi, because there’s no rice or rolling in nori involved that can hide the ingredients. So, once you have the knife: practice, practice and practice some more. Because that’s the only way to learn how to cut a perfect piece of sashimi!


Make it your own

As with most recipes of Chef Devaux: you can follow the recipes to the letter and make a great sashimi dish. But feel free to experiment. Let yourself be inspired by the creations of the Chef. Become creative, experiment with different seasonings, sauces or garnish and make the recipes your own.


Starting with the sashimi dish you want

See any sashimi dish you like? Simply click on the dish to go straight to the recipe. Get the ingredients and utensils, follow the recipe, watch the video and start cooking.


Starting with the ingredients you have

Already have the main ingredient, but not sure what to do with it? Select the corresponding item from the top menu. Based on the ingredient you’ve selected, Chef Devaux offers you a number of delicious sashimi dishes to choose from.

Select mackerel, salmon or tuna. Sorry, no vegetarian or vegan options, because then it wouldn’t be sashimi. This may change in the future, when acceptable alternatives for fish and seafood may become available.

Now start cooking. Enjoy your meal!