Tuna Sashimi Seared in Coriander


Tuna-SolomilloThe key to good Tuna sashimi is to start of with a good piece tuna fish, what you want to look for is a red pink color tuna sirloin (not dark red as that would indicate that the fish was not bled properly), the tuna has to be firm to the touch and not sticky. It should smell neutral.

CIMG1157Cut the tuna in to rectangular blocks about 3 cm x 5 cm

wkphxtd6Chop up the coriander finely.

35o0col4Cover the tuna in the coriander

bzzie7k2Sear the tuna in a none stick pan with NO oil about 15-20 seconds each side.

sv0u4jvoLet tuna rest on a plate for 5 minutes, then cut it vertically down in to even slices.


  • Sushi grade tuna sirloin
  • Coriander


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