Flower Sushi Roll Art Recipe

Sushi gets creative with this decorative mosaic flower sushi roll. If you’ve already mastered our Letter Sushi Rolls, this novel design represents a whole new challenge. Enhance the beauty of the perfect plate for a special occasion, and create a lasting impression with someone who really matters.


making-the-pink-rice-sushi-petalStep 1: Creating the Pink Rice Petals

Take two half sheets of nori, and place one on top of the other. Then, fold the sheets into three equal segments, pressing along the seams as you go to flatten them.

Open out the sheets, and holding them firmly in place with one hand, use your knife to cut along each seam so that you end up with six segments of equal size. You will only need five of the segments for this recipe.

The petals of the flower need to be of equal proportion, so you’ll need to measure out your pink sushi rice. You will need exactly 30g (1 oz.) of cooked pink sushi rice per sushi roll.

Arrange the pink sushi rice in a strip running the central length of one Nori sheet segment. Next, bring up either side of the sheet over the rice, pressing the edges firmly. This will create the teardrop shape of the petal. Repeat this process a further four times to create the other petals.

assembeling-the-flower-sushiStep 2: Constructing the Internal Flower Roll

Next, take a rectangular piece of carrot cut to the same length as half a sheet of Nori. Scrape the angled lengths of the carrot with the blade of a sharp knife until the carrot becomes more rounded in shape.

Take a fresh, half sheet of Nori in one hand, then arrange three of the petals with the pointed side up, side by side. Place the strip of carrot where the points of the petals meet. Finally, add the last two petals to complete the circle. Seal the Nori sheet around the petals using your fingers. The moisture of the rice will eventually penetrate the Nori, causing it to adhere of its own accord. However, if it doesn’t stick, squash a few kernels of rice onto the end of the Nori sheet. The moisture will then help it to seal.

making-the-outer-layer-of-the-flower-sushi-rollStep 3: Assembling the Outer Layer 

To assemble the sushi roll, arrange take two half sheets of Nori on your chopping board end-to-end. Take a pinch of rice, and as before, squash the rice along the end of the sheet until sticky. ‘Glue’ the ends of each sheet together, pressing firmly where they join with your fingers. This will create one long, single sheet of Nori.

Place the long sheet of Nori onto your bamboo rolling mat. Using your fingers, spread a thin layer of white sushi rice across the entire sheet, covering about 80% of the surface area.

making-rice-walls Step 4: Adding Extra Detailing 

To create the compartments of the sushi roll, you will need to create three individual ‘walls’ of rice quite close to one another (one finger width apart). Simply build the rice up using your fingers, pressing each side as you go to help it stay firm. When finished, lightly sprinkle sesame seeds over the surface area of the rice.

Line the compartments with three small sections of Nori, so that each creates a trough. Fill each trough approximately halfway full with minced strawberries to create the flower buds, followed by one or two strips of shaved cucumber skin.

flower-sushi-roll-makingYou will also need to create a small, rectangular package of Nori filled with kampyo (you can substitute with tuna sashimi).

Place the pre-prepared flower roll onto the rice, after the third trough, followed by the rectangular envelope of kampyo on top of the troughs.

Before sealing the roll, add a little white rice between the flower roll and the kampyo envelope. Finally, bring up either side of your bamboo mat, rolling the Nori ends one over the other. Use your fingers to gently compress the package to ensure the Nori sheet adheres to the contents.

cutting-flower-sushi-rollStep 5: Slicing the Roll

To ensure an even, seamless slice, first dip your knife into a little cold water, allowing the droplets to run down the blade.

Next, cut off either end of the sushi roll to reveal the compacted floral design within. Cut the roll into three equal sections, and discard the ends.

Serving tip: Use your Flower Sushi Rolls alongside letter sushi rolls to create a decorative plate for a special occasion. Garnish with cucumber and carrot spirals to give your plate a little added color.


  • 4 half sheets of Nori
  • Eight Nori sheet segments
  • Cooked raspberry pink sushi rice
  • Cooked white sushi rice
  • 1 thin, rectangular length of sliced carrot.
  • Mince strawberries
  • Shaved cucumber skin (cut into strips)
  • Kampyo (dried strips of gourd boiled in soy sauce, sugar and dashi fish stock)



  • Sesame seeds


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