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A canapé, wrapped in cucumber. Looks beautiful, tastes great, and is simple to make. Chef Devaux explains. And just in case you wonder: the name canapé comes from the French word for sofa, based on the analogy that the garnish sits on top.


Step 1: Preparing the cucumber

Take a piece of cucumber, 17 cm long. Don’t peel it, but use a vegetable peeler to cut off long, thin strips. Cut of both ends and one side, to get elongated cucumber strips. Put aside for later.

Peeled Cucumber

Step 2: Preparing the salmon

Take a piece of 100 g. sashimi grade salmon and cut into thin slices of 0.5 cm thick and with a weight of 10 grams each. Cut each piece in half.

Cutting Salmon

Step 3: Preparing the avocado

Cut an avocado in half and slice off a wedge. Remove the skin and cut the wedge, keeping the knife at a 45 degrees angle, into as many thin strips as you can.

Pick up 4 of the avocado strips with your knife and fan them out. Put aside for later.

Cut Avocado

Step 4: Preparing the radish

Cut a radish into thin slices. Cut each slice into thin strips. Cut the strips in half and keep them together as a small bundle of match sticks. Put aside for later.

Cut Raddish

Step 5: Assembling the canapé

Wet your hands with some water and rice vinegar. Take 15 grams of cooked and seasoned sushi rice and roll it into a ball. Wrap a strip of cucumber around the rice ball. Put a little bit of wasabi on the tip of your finger and press it into the rice, while flattening the ball so that the edge of the cucumber sticks out a bit.

Pick up the avocado fan, using a knife or chopsticks. Place it on top of the rice, against the inside of the cucumber edge. Add 2 slices of salmon and a little bundle of avocado strips.

Rice Ball

Cucumber and Rice

Preparing Roll

Step 6: Seasoning the canapé

Squeeze a half lime into a small bowl. Add an equal amount of soy sauce. Mix it using a small kitchen brush and brush a little bit of the mixture lightly onto the salmon. That’s it! Now enjoy this beautiful, delicious little canapé.

Adding Sauce




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Product name: Cucumber Sushi Canape
Cucumber Sushi Canape
Time to prepare the recipe: 10 minutes
Time to cook: 30 minutes
Duration: 45 minutes
Servings: serves 1
Ingredients: 100 g cooked and seasoned sushi rice, 100 g sashimi grade salmon, Wasabi, 1 cucumber, 1 avocado, 1 radish, 1 lime, Soy sauce,

vegetable wrapped sushi rollfried nori tempura salmon canape
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