Hinoki Wood Cutting Board from Miyabi

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If there’s one thing guaranteed to damage an expensive work surface, it’s a Miyabi knife! Vacuum tempered, with ZWILLING’s trademark, Honbazuke honing, they’re tougher, sharper, and more resistant than everyday knives – which is why professional chefs always use a cutting board. But, if you’re considering something stylish and contemporary in Beech wood – think again. Though durable, Beech wood is still too soft for most professional knives, and over time, will cause significant blade damage. So, how can you preserve your precious investment?

Known as the “wood of fire” due to its toughness, Hinoki wood has been used for centuries in Japan as a construction material (notably for the beautiful pagoda of the Hōryū-ji Temple, Ikaruga). It is widely revered for its lightweight and natural anti-bacterial properties – both of which make it a prime material for food preparation. All Miyabi Hinoki Chopping Boards are made from a single, solid piece of Hinoki cypress wood cut from specific margins around the trunk, therefore benefit from unusual strength and durability, coupled with a natural resistance to moisture and humidity.

Style or functionality? With ZWILLING’s Miyabi Hinoki Wood Chopping Board, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Light blond in color, with no artificial treatment, Hinoki wood bears a similar contemporary esthetic to Beech, yet will protect your knife investment for far, far longer. This is due to the wood’s natural hardness and resistance; the blade doesn’t sink in when cutting! Willing to invest in quality knives? Then you’ll need to invest in their longevity too!

Product Overview:

  • Superior quality, natural Hinoki wood chopping board
  • Part of the acclaimed Miyabi professional range of kitchenware
  • Unusually strong, durable and resistant
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties afford protection from bacteria during food preparation
  • Designed specifically for use with Miyabi knives
  • Large size is ideal for large-scale domestic and commercial preparatory tasks
  • Dimensions: 45 x 27 x 3 cm
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