Large Work-Surface/Cutting Board

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Are you forever readjusting your chopping board due to slippage? Tough, durable, and easy on your knives, Beech wood is by far the best material for affordable chopping boards. However, due to its fine grain and smooth finish, it can be prone to slipping on certain types of work surfaces, such as polished granite. Weighty, and robust, the IKEA LAMPLIG Large Surface Chopping Board is an affordable solution that can help to counter this problem, providing stability in the form of a counter-edge strip that affords extra grip during food preparation.

Manufactured from durable Beech, IKEA’s LAMPLIG Large Work Surface Chopping Board is a sensible investment if you use high quality chef’s knives. With a fine grain, and oiled finish, it offers superior resistance in comparison to other boards, thus protecting knife blades. Milled grooves running the perimeter of the board are a welcome feature, serving to collect any residual meat and fruit juices so they don’t run onto your work-top. You can also protect the wood itself from food residue and stains by sealing it with a food-safe mineral oil.

Worried about the stability of a counter-edge board? Most counter-edge boards are weightier in comparison to counter-top boards, and IKEA’s LAMPLIG Chopping Board is no exception. At 4.2 kilograms, it’s light enough to move around the kitchen, yet heavy enough to offer added resistance in conjunction with the counter-edge bar. Say goodbye to slippage, and preserve your knife blades too!

Caring for Beech Wood: Though more affordable than some hardwood chopping boards, you can still enjoy similar longevity with IKEA’s LAMPLIG model. To protect the wood, simply rub it down with a food-safe mineral oil once a week. Not only will this preserve your board, it also creates a moisture-resistant barrier that will prevent staining too!

Product Overview:

  • Heavy duty Beech wood chopping board
  • Counter-edge bar minimizes movement during cutting
  • Natural weight creates extra resistance
  • Milled grooves collect food residues, preventing mess
  • Tough, durable and stain-resistant (with proper care)
  • Large size is ideal for large-scale preparation
  • Dimensions: 46 x 53 cm      Weight: 4.2 kg
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