Miyabi 7000D Gyutoh 8″

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The Miyabi 7000D is an amazing knife, it slices though food as if your slicing through air. Before using this knife I don’t know how I managed to cook, it just makes the job much more easier and the finished product looks just that much more stunning.

The knife came with an incredibly sharp edge from the get-go, it is by far the sharpest knife I have ever gotten straight out of the box.

Simple tests to see how sharp the knife was:

Sponge test, here you simply take a wet sponge usually used in kitchens to wash dishes, and you simply run the knife across it without applying pressure, if it cuts the sponge you have a sharp knife. Every Miyabi knife I have tried this test with has amazed me without fail.

Tomato Carpaccio test, this is a very good test, you cut a tomato in half then place it on a cutting board, now you have to cut Carpaccio thin slices horizontally without touching the tomato. You can only do this with an exceptional knife. again the Miyabi 7000D did this without breaking a sweat.

Hair trimming test, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ! I simply take the blade and hover it above my skin trimming of some hair without touching the skin. * must have extremely steady hands * (under no circumstance did I tell you to try this! I am not responsible for any injuries.)

Technical specs. of the Miyabi 7000d

Miyabi 7000D Gyutoh 8, the blade of this cutting machine is composed of 65 layers Damask design steel with the core of the blade being made of CMV60 stainless steel, you don’t need to know what CMV60 steel is, all you need to know about CMV60 is that it is extremely hard which ensures that the blade retains its original sharpness much longer. But if you really need to know some more technical specks about CMV60 high carbon steel I can tell you it has a hardness of approx.. 60 on the Rockwell scale.

The Damascus designed steel is not only done to create an amazingly beautiful pattern on the blade, but its the technique perfected over centuries to create samurai swords with both flexibility and the hardest cutting edge, all in the thinnest blade possible.

Why buy a Miyabi knife?

I have tried many knives along my path of creating sushi recipe’s, when I first started out I bought the cheaper unknown makes they where sharp but after a couple of cuts the blade lost its edge, after that I moved on to Global, they are made out of a good steel and the handle has a very comfortable shape but the blade was very un-sharp from factory, it took many hours to hand sharpen the blade to the sharpness I required, I think it should have been sharpened more at the Global factory, besides that I also felt I was sharpening it very often because it just kept getting blunt.

After working with a Global knife for a while I added another blade to my collection, this time it was a Shun DM706 it was a good knife, but the one thing I didn’t like about was how light the knife was, its not some sports equipment like a pair of trainers or tennis racket. Its a extremely sharp cutting tool, I want to feel a little weight to it so I’m aware I have a dangerously sharp object in my hand, it also helps when cutting to have a little mass to the blade so you don’t have to push it down, the combination of gravity and a sharp blade should be enough to cut though food, but if the knife doesn’t have any mass like the shun then you end up having to push though the food.

Now the Miyabi knives, I have only being using them for a few weeks, but I can tell you they are just above and beyond all previous knives I have owned, yes, they are quite expensive but you have to take in to consideration that when making food like sushi there is only really two pieces of expensive equipment you need:
1.A Good knife
2.A large cutting board preferably wood

Don’t you think these two pieces of equipment should be of the highest quality?

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