Activa RM – Transglutaminase

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Have you ever seen two different varieties of meat or fish fused together? It’s a surprisingly common feat of engineering in up-market fusion restaurants, yet few people outside of the catering profession have actually heard of the wonder that is “meat glue” (transglutaminase). A naturally occurring enzyme found in both plants and animals, transglutaminase forms an isopeptide bond between meat proteins by conjoining two amino acids: glutamine and lysine. This effectively means that any protein-rich foods can be ‘glued’ together seamlessly. How’s that for magic?

Love pushing the boundaries of creativity with food? Ajinomoto Activa Transglutaminase is a wonder ingredient that can be used for both experimental and traditional dishes. From skinless sausages and meat noodles, to Surf ‘n’ Turf Sushi, scallop-encrusted lamb, and fish chess boards, “meat glue” is being used by the likes of Wylie Dufresne and Heston Blumenthal to creatively conjoin all manner of foods for effect. You can even use it to create Chef Devaux’s decadent Tuna and Salmon Royal Sushi Roll! Sprinkle an even coating on two similarly sized slices of meat, and bind together. It really is that simple!

Far more than a mere binding agent, transglutaminase has myriad of other culinary uses due to its naturally occurring, sodium caseinate content. Sodium caseinate is a milk protein that is water soluble, and while its primary purpose is to provide additional bonding power, Activa RM Transglutaminase can also be used to thicken egg yolks, improve the strength of dough, and thicken yogurts too!

Wondering how to get your hands on this miracle ingredient? Whilst difficult to obtain in Europe, there is a great company in the U.S retailing Activa RM Transglutaminase (among other modernist ingredients), whom also offer worldwide shipping. Be warned, however. A bag of suspicious white powder could pose a problem at Customs in some countries!

Product Overview:

  • Professional quality Transglutaminase – as used in commercial kitchens
  • Sprinkle an even coating of powder onto two cuts of meat, then press together.
  • Can be used to create skinless sausages, Surf ‘n’ Turf sushi rolls, scallop-encrusted lamb, and so much more
  • Contains sodium caseinate for superior bonding power
  • Natural thickening and strengthening agent – great for dough, yogurt, and egg yolks
  • Does not compromise the flavor or nutritional value of food
  • Naturally occurring enzyme in plants and animals
  • Produced by Ajinomoto in Japan