Mirin Rice Wine

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Want to know the secret to great tasting sushi rice? While wine doesn’t feature all that prominently in mainstream Japanese cuisine, it is a fundamental ingredient for perfectly cooked, traditional-style sushi rice. Often used to season dishes and stocks, Mirin is a rice wine not dissimilar to Sake – the exception being that it has a lower alcohol percentage, and contains far more sugar. Simply combined in a pan with vinegar and sugar, Mirin adds a pleasantly sweet, slightly acidic edge to sushi rice  – and can even prevent it from disintegrating!

A staple in Japanese households, Ajino-haha’ Mirin is natively produced using American Lundberg short-grain brown rice fermented in cedar kegs. Since Lundberg rice is grown organically, it benefits from Non-GMO Verification – a marker increasingly used to distinguish products that contain no genetically modified organisms. Due to the 5-month fermentation process, and subsequent high heat treatment, Eden Foods’ Mirin bears an extremely low alcohol content (ten per cent). This remaining alcohol evaporates during cooking, hence why it can be labeled as ‘kosher.’

Mirin has a great many more uses than as a mere seasoning for sushi rice. Known as the “left hand” of Japanese cooking, Ajino-haha’ Mirin Rice Cooking Wine is an essential component of Dashi stock, noodle broths and soups, Teriyaki sauce and countless marinades. It can also be used as a marinade in its own right when paired with the “right hand” of Japanese cooking – shoyu (Soy Sauce). Free from fat and  cholesterol, Ajino-haha’ Mirin is a sweet, guilty pleasure you’ll find no end of uses for!

Product Overview:

  • Premium quality, traditional Japanese Rice Cooking Wine
  • Adds a sweet, acidic edge to sushi rice
  • An excellent base for soups, stocks and broths
  • Low alcohol content – just 10%
  • Kosher product
  • Produced in Japan from Non GMO certified American Lundberg rice
  • USDA Certified Organic
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