Soya sauce sesame seeds

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Did you know it’s bad manners to soak your sushi in Soy Sauce? Traditional Japanese etiquette dictates you must never completely coat your sushi in a condiment, as it can suggest (to the chef) the flavors are disagreeable. And it’s for this reason you’ll find an abundance of products on the market infused with Soy Sauce flavor. Nutty, earthy and rich in nutrients, sesame seeds have long been a popular, flavor-enhancing topping for sushi – and now you can enjoy them married with the subtle, yet discernible flavor of Soy Sauce too!

Soaked in Soy Sauce, then gently roasted to perfection, Roland Soy Sauce Flavored Sesame Seeds bear just the right level of flavor for use as a sushi topping. Pleasingly subtle, Soy Sauce Flavored Sesame Seeds can be added to a variety of stir fries, sushi rolls and Asian dishes to add an interesting twist. You could even combine them with Panko to create a flavorful bread crumb coating for Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet).  Roasting also influences the light, earthy brown color of Roland Sesame Seeds – making them ideal for adding visual texture to sushi rolls, or contrast against fried tempura!

Product Overview:

  • High quality, dry-roasted sesame seeds
  • Deliciously nutty flavor subtly infused  with Soy Sauce
  • Add an interesting twist to Gomashio, Tonkatsu or tempura batter
  • Sprinkle atop sushi for an instant hit of Soy Sauce flavor
  • High in protein and Omega-6
  • Handy 3.5 oz shaker bottle
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