Black rice

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Catering for a wedding or black tie event? Esthetics can make or break a sushi buffet. Too many colors, and it can look thrown together. Too little variety, and you'll look like a novice. Whether combined with white sushi rice, or used in its place, Fondo di Toscana Organic Tuscan Black Rice is a novel, and highly nutritious alternative that can really break up the monotony of white-based Onigiri and Makizushi!

Grown and harvested in Italy, in much the same way it has been for hundreds of years, Fondo di Toscana Organic Black Rice is world renowned for its nutritional value. Rich in essential vitamins, such as iron and Vitamin E, it is also a great source of anthocyanin antioxidants – known to boost the immune system, and help ward off disease. Directly milled from un-husked grains, Tuscan rice bears a distinctively aromatic, tea-like scent, and mildly nutty flavor – a perfect coupling with delicate fish, such as salmon.

Struggling to find artistic ways of presenting your sushi? A relatively new fad in fusion sushi bars, monochrome sushi is gaining in popularity due to its simplistic beauty. Though not as 'sticky' as conventional sushi rice, short-grain, Italian black rice can be used for sushi rolls if cooked correctly – particularly Makizushi, since the Nori holds it together. Simple, yet stunning, this Vegan Sushi Roll Recipe is a great example of how black rice can transform sushi presentation!

Product Overview:

  • High quality, organic black rice by Fondo di Toscana
  • Grown in Tuscany using ancient farming methods
  • Rich in anthocyanin antioxidants (the same found in dark berries)
  • Excellent source of iron and Vitamin E
  • Milled directly from un-husked grain
  • Easy to cook: simply add one cup of dry rice to two cups of cold water. Cover and cook on a medium-low heat for 45 minutes – or until the rice is tender. Ensure all water has been absorbed prior to draining.
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