Sushi Starter kit

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Do you yearn to make the kind of sushi that gets people talking? Then release your inner Itamae (sushi chef) with the Sushi-Chef Easy Starter Kit. Coupling indispensable, professional tools with the same fine quality ingredients used in upscale sushi bars, the Easy Sushi Making Starter Kit is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to learn the art of sushi-making at home.

Finding the best quality ingredients for sushi-making can seem daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with some of the basic Japanese terminology. From Yaki Nori (toasted seaweed sheets) and Gari (sushi ginger) to essential tools, such as a Shimoji (Japanese rice paddle), the Easy Sushi Making Starter Kit comprises all the fundamental basics needed to create Makizushi (rolled sushi), Onigiri and so much more!

Sushi-making is an art-form that takes practice to perfect. However, that doesn’t mean you need to need to spend a fortune on private lessons. Featuring chef-quality, basic tools – a rolling mat,  rice paddle and Nigiri sushi mold – plus a comprehensive instruction booklet, the Easy Sushi Making Starter Kit will teach you everything from how to cook perfect sushi rice, to basic rolling and wrapping techniques – at your own pace. Ready to create show-stopping sushi?

Product Overview:

  • Essential sushi-making starter kit for budding Itamaes
  • Introduce loved ones to the art of sushi making
  • All items have been hand-selected for their superior quality
  • Restaurant quality ingredients, including:  Premium Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Regular Soy Sauce, Sushi Ginger (Gari), Powdered Horseradish (Imitation Wasabi), Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice, Toasted Seaweed Sheets (Yaki Nori).
  • Includes professional quality tools hand-selected by Japanese chefs: Rice Paddle (Shimoji) and Sushi Rolling Mat (Makisu)
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet with easy-to-follow tutorials
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