R-Evolution Cuisine Kit

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Want to create a truly immersive dining experience for your guests? Everyone loves putting on a show for their dinner guests, but if you really want to set a precedent, molecular gastronomy is where it’s at! A nouveau approach to cooking popularized by TV chefs, such as Heston Blumenthal, molecular gastronomy blends the magic of chemistry and physics with everyday ingredients to completely transform food appearance, flavor and texture. From transparent crepes to foaming sauces, the Cuisine R-Evolution Kit is all you need to start creating culinary magic!

If you’ve ever wanted to replicate the kind of wow-factor achieved by Michelin-starred chefs, the Cuisine R-Evolution Kit is an inexpensive way to get experimental. Competitively priced in comparison to many molecular gastronomy starter kits, the set comprises fifty sachets of essential ingredients – including soya lecithin (for foams) and sodium alginate (for gels) – which work out at just 89 pence each! Also included is the acclaimed R-Evolution DVD, which will teach you all the nifty tips and tricks necessary for making faux caviar, transforming sauces into air, and a whole host of other wacky creations.

Foodies love any excuse to get experimental in the kitchen, so, if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift – look no further! A comprehensive kit, the Cuisine R-Evolution set not only includes the ingredients for creating culinary magic, but also the basic tools too! From food-grade syringes, to silicone tubes and pipettes, this nifty kit is the perfect introduction to molecular gastronomy, and can be ‘topped up’ with other tools and additives from the range.

Product Overview:

  • An ideal starter kit for budding kitchen creatives
  • Create innovative and wacky recipes ranging from iced airs to foaming sauces, and so much more
  • Discover the science of food art with the helpful Cuisine R-Evolution DVD (included)
  • Includes 50 sachets – 10 each of: agar-agar, sodium alginate, soya lecithin, calcium lactate and xanthan gum
  • Tool kit includes: 1 slotted spoon, 1 measuring spoon, 5 pipettes, 1 food-grade syringe and silicone tubes
  • Can be used to create food beads (faux caviar), beetroot foam, and yogurt balls, as well as a host of other artisanal recipes
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