Aromat seasoning from Knorr

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Too busy to create your own seasoning from scratch? Then, help is at hand thanks to Knorr’s versatile Aromat ‘All Purpose’ Seasoning. Sprinkled atop a Chicken Caesar Salad, dusted over hand-cut potato wedges, or used as a base to enhance the flavor of stock-based soups; Knorr’s unique blend of rock salt, herbs and spices imparts delicious flavor to almost any savory dish!

A kitchen cupboard staple since 1953, Knorr’s popular Aromat ‘All Purpose’ Seasoning is now a prominent ingredient in many published recipes. The unique blend of Porcini mushrooms, onion, garlic, turmeric and spices impart a wonderfully aromatic, savory flavor, making it particularly ideal for use as a meat rub, in marinades, and stock bases. Subtler than many all-purpose seasonings, Aromat also lends itself well as a post-cooking condiment; delicious sprinkled atop everything from deviled eggs to warm summer salads.

Forgotten to season your sauce or soup? Knorr’s Aromat All Purpose Seasoning can be used both prior to, and after cooking, to enhance the flavor of dishes. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this flexible seasoning is a cupboard essential for every home cook!

Product Overview:

  • Versatile, all-purpose seasoning adds flavorful dimension to savory dishes
  • Perfect for meat rubs, marinades and stocks
  • Use before and after cooking to impart unique flavor to home-cooked dishes
  • Delicious sprinkled over warm salad, boiled egg, or home-made chips
  • 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives
  • Size: 3 oz/ 85g

Allergens: Product may be unsuitable for those with allergies. May include grains containing gluten, lactose, eggs, and celery, and derivatives

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