Masago (Seasoned Capelin Roe) 1kg

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Want to add a little crunch to your sushi rolls? Inherently popular due to its widespread availability, Masago is a semi-crunchy roe derived from the Capelin fish – a member of the salmon family. Often compared to (and used in place of) the more expensive Tobikko (Flying Fish roe), low-calorie Masago has a subtle fish flavor with overtones of saltiness – the perfect partner to many varieties of delicately flavored white fish used in sushi making.

High in Omega-3 and other heart healthy nutrients, our fresh-frozen, Sashimi Grade Capelin Roe Masago is an inexpensive way to experiment with fish roe. Produced for us by Azuma foods in the United States, this premium roe is available year-round, and can be purchased in either 3 oz or 1 kg containers.

If esthetics are important to you, Masago is a great addition to your sushi making kit. Its vivid orange hue adds a splash of color when used for sushi rolls, or as part of a decorative, edible garnish. That crunchy texture can also make it a welcome break from firmer meats, and soft white sushi rice!

  • Premium, Sashimi Grade Capelin Roe Masago
  • Available in 3 oz and 1 kg containers
  • Low calorie and high in Omega-3
  • Frozen from fresh
  • Produced by Azuma Foods in the United States
  • Available throughout the year

Ingredients: Capelin Roe, High fructose corn syrup, Salt, FD&C Yellow #6, Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Water, Wheat, Salt).

Important Note: May not be suitable for those allergic to wheat, or gluten intolerant due to the wheat content of Soy Sauce, and corn syrup.

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