Red Tobikko – Flying Fish Roe 500g

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It may be known as “poor man’s caviar” in some circles, but for sushi lovers, Tobikko (Flying Fish Eggs) is both a delicacy, and an essential ingredient. Some describe the flavor as being smoky, or slightly nutty, with a hint of saltiness, however, its main allure is its semi-crunchy texture – perfect for adding ‘bite’ to sushi rolls, or sprinkling atop maki rolls for a professional finish!

A guilt-free pleasure that is both high in Omega-3 and protein, our Frozen Sashimi Grade Red Flying Fish Eggs are an ideal topper for fish Nigiri due to their clean, subtle flavor. Sustainably farmed in the USA by Azuma Foods, our Tobikko comes in a rainbow of colors too!

Naturally colored using Beet, our Red Tobikko has earned Sashimi grade status owing to its superior quality. Mixed with a natural solution of Soy Sauce, corn syrup and salt, our Frozen Sashimi Grade Red Flying Fish Eggs are frozen from fresh to maintain exceptional quality and taste.

  • Premium, Sashimi Grade Tobikko from the USA
  • Available to buy in 500 gram tubs
  • Naturally colored using red beet
  • Rich in heart healthy Omega-3
  • Frozen from fresh
  • Produced for us exclusively by Azuma Foods
  • Year-round availability

Ingredients: Herring Roe, High fructose corn syrup, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate. PD&C Red #40, Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Water, Wheat, Salt)

Important Note: This product may not be suitable for those who suffer from a gluten or fructose intolerance, or wheat allergy, due to ingredients within Soy Sauce and corn syrup.

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