Sashimi Grade Ahi / Yellowfin Tuna 9oz

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Do you ever have that spur of the moment desire for sushi? Boneless, skinless and vacuum-packed, our Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna Saku blocks are the perfect freezer staple for sushi fans. Low in calories, and high in protein, our saku blocks originate from the underbelly of the fish, making them a healthier alternative to Toro Maguro – yet still as tasty!

Predominantly found in the deep waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Yellowfin Tuna are a sizeable species with many weighing in at over 300 pounds. Young adults weigh in at 60-100 lbs, and it is these which are used for our Saku blocks. Wild-caught and frozen same-day, our fish are also graded when caught, and only the very best Ahi selected specifically for sushi-making.

Love tender fish? Fattier than its Bluefin cousin, Yellowfin tuna (Ahi) is prized for its tenderness and sweetness, making it particularly ideal for Nigiri, or served with a little Soy Sauce and Wasabi. Dark pink in color, our succulent Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna is cut from as close to the center of the fish as possible, meaning it is lean, firm and subtle in flavor. Sold in 0.7 lb portions, our Saku blocks are of an ideal size for creating small snack or dinner party platters too!

  • Sashimi grade Yellowfin caught in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  • Species: Thunnus Albacares
  • Flash-frozen from fresh
  • Sold in 9oz, vacuum-packed portions
  • Lean, tender and high in protein
  • Ideal for use in Nigiri, or served with Soy Sauce and Wasabi
  • Sold frozen
  • Available throughout the year
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