Black Tobikko – Flying Fish Roe 500g

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Looking for roe that won’t spoil in a matter of days? It’s a well known fact that most types of fish eggs have a short shelf life (unless frozen). But, freezing can also have a detrimental impact upon quality, right? Not so with Flying Fish Eggs. Far hardier than the roe of salmon and sturgeon, Tobikko can withstand months of freezing without any impact upon its quality, provided it has been frozen fresh from the water.

Sustainably farmed in the USA by Tobikko specialists, Azuma Foods, our Frozen Sashimi Grade Black Flying Fish Eggs have earned an enviable reputation for their exceptional quality and delicate flavor. Crisp, and slightly nutty to the palate, they’re the perfect crunchy topping for maki rolls – especially if you want to add a little texture, without impacting the natural flavors of your chosen fish.

Esthetics play an important part in sushi presentation, so if you’re looking to add dimension to your creations with a splash of color, our Black Tobikko is a great addition!

  • Sashimi Grade Tobikko from the USA
  • Available to buy in 500 g containers
  • Colored using black squid ink
  • Rich in proteins and Omega-3
  • Fresh-frozen to preserve flavor and quality
  • Produced by Azuma Foods
  • Year-round availability


Ingredients: Herring Roe, High fructose corn syrup, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Kelp Extract. FD&C Red #40, Yellow #5  and Blue #1, Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Water, Wheat, Salt)

Important Note: May not be suitable for those with gluten, wheat or fructose intolerances/ allergies due to corn syrup and wheat content of Soy Sauce.

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