Panko Japanese Style Bread Crumbs

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Want to add a little crunch to your ‘inside-out’ rolls? Traditionally used to coat deep-fried light bites, such as Tonkatsu (pork cutlets), Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) are becoming increasingly popular as a means of giving sushi rolls esthetic texture too. Smaller than the breadcrumbs we use in the West, Panko is also airier – achieved by passing an electric current through the bread dough, prior to baking. Lighter and flakier, Welpac Panko absorbs far less oil when fried, and adheres very easily to tempura batter. If you’ve ever wondered how fried items almost always appear grease-free at your favorite restaurant – the answer is Panko!

Welpac Japanese-style Panko Breadcrumbs differ somewhat to conventional breadcrumbs in that they are actually flakes, rather than crumbs. Naturally, this means they’ll be far less gritty in texture, however, you’ll find they yield crispier, crunchier end-products due to their size. Though popular as a hot-pot topping and ‘casing’ for fried meats and vegetables, nothing quite compares to the crunchiness of Welpac Panko as a coating for rolled sushi. Slightly softened by moisture from the sushi rice, the resulting texture is just perfection

Product Overview:

  • Flaky, Japanese-style Panko – perfect for Tonkatsu, and rolled sushi
  • Light, airy and crispy when cooked
  • Whole-loaf Panko – tan color
  • Adds a light, crunchy topping to everyday dishes, including casseroles, macaroni cheese, and lasagn
  • Six, 6 oz packets
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