Green Tobikko – Wasabi Flying Fish Roe 500g

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Love experimenting with explosive flavors when preparing sushi? There are many strong ingredients that can be used to spice up sushi and sashimi, yet few are as fiery, or intense, as Wasabi. Often compared to horseradish in potency, Wasabi is  becoming increasingly popular as a flavor enhancer – particularly for white fish, and certain varieties of roe. Married with the potent flavor of Wasabi, our crunchy, Frozen Sashimi Grade Green Flying Fish Eggs are a great way to incorporate more adventurous flavors into your sushi creations!

Crisp, nutty, and spicy to the palate, our premium, Frozen Sashimi Grade Green Tobikko has proven a popular menu choice in sushi bars around the globe. And while you may be tempted to flavor a cheaper substitute, such as Masago, yourself, it’s worth noting that it lacks the crispness or saltiness of quality Tobikko.

Our own Frozen Sashimi Grade Green Flying Fish Eggs are sustainably farmed for us by Azuma Foods in the United States, and frozen from fresh to seal in their unique flavor. Available to purchase in 500 gram containers, they’re the ideal size to store and dip into whenever you’re in the mood for a spicy treat!

  • Sashimi Grade Wasabi-infused Tobikko from the United States
  • Sold frozen in 500 gram containers
  • Natural green coloring derived from Wasabi
  • High in essential proteins and Omega-3
  • Frozen from fresh
  • Sustainably farmed by Azuma Foods
  • Available throughout the year


Ingredients: Herring Roe, High fructose corn syrup, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Horseradish Extract, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1, Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Water, Wheat, Salt).

Important Note: This product may be unsuitable for those who suffer from gluten, wheat and fructose intolerances/ allergies due to the natural wheat and corn content of some ingredients.

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