Tobikko – Orange Flying Fish Roe 500g

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Want to replicate those California rolls from your favorite sushi bar? For some sushi rolls, substituting with Masago just won’t do, and as much is true for this ever popular variety of Nigiri. Clean, crisp and slightly smoky, Tobikko (Flying Fish Roe) is the preferred type of roe for sushi rolls owing to its crunchiness, and naturally vivid, sunset orange color. High in protein and Omega-3, it’s also extremely good for you!

Produced exclusively for us by Azuma Foods in the United States, our Frozen Sashimi Grade Orange Flying Fish Eggs have garnered a strong following owing to their exceptional quality and flavor. Enjoyed in sushi bars around the globe, our Tobikko has earned Sashimi grade status owing to its reputation. Farmed from sustainably raised fish, our Tobikko are mixed with a simple, natural solution of corn syrup, Soy Sauce and salt, then frozen to maintain optimal flavor.

New to fish roe? Our Frozen Sashimi Grade Orange Flying Fish Eggs come in both 3 ounce and 500 gram containers, meaning you can sample this luxury roe at relatively minimal cost compared to other retailers.

  • Premium, Sashimi Grade Flying Fish Eggs (Tobikko)
  • Available in 3 oz and 500 g containers
  • High in protein and Omega-3
  • Fresh-frozen
  • Farmed by Azuma Foods in the United States
  • Available year-round

Ingredients:  Tobikko, High fructose corn syrup, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, FD&C Yellow #6. PD&C Red #40. Soy Sauce (Soy Bean, Water, Wheat, Salt)

Important Note: May not be suitable for those allergic to wheat or fructose, or those who are gluten intolerant due to the wheat content of Soy Sauce, and corn syrup.

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