Mitsukan Sushi and Salad Seasoning

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Yearn for the kind of rice served in your favorite sushi bar? No matter where you’re served sushi, there’s one fundamental basic that all sushi chefs add to their rice to enhance its flavor: sushi-su (rice vinegar). Substantially less bitter than conventional barley malt vinegar, rice vinegar has been used in Japan  for centuries to both preserve, and enhance “shari” (sushi rice). Modernly, sushi seasoning is sometimes used as a replacement for rice vinegar due to convenience, but you really can’t beat the real thing!

If you have the time, home-made rice vinegar is by far the better option for sushi rice. This is because some commercial companies use sweeteners and other artifices to enhance the flavor of sushi seasoning – all of which can have an impact upon your sushi rice. As a rough guide, the basic ratio for sushi vinegar is 60 grams of sugar, 60 milliliters of rice vinegar and 10 grams of salt. Simply add the ingredients to a saucepan, then bring to the boil on a medium heat, whisking as you go. Remove the pan from the heat once the sugar has dissolved, and set aside to cool (note that was a very basic rice vinegar mix).

Convenience can often be a life-saver in a busy kitchen, so if you are going to bend the rules, choose a sushi seasoning made by a trusted Japanese brand – such as Mitsukan. Mild and sweet, Mitsukan’s Sushi and Salad Seasoning is free of MSGs and artificial sweeteners, meaning a truer to home-made taste. Ideal for both salads and sushi seasoning, this 355 ml bottle is a must-have cupboard staple for busy sushi cooks!

Product Overview:

  • 355 ml of Mitsukan Sushi and Salad Seasoning
  • Favored in Japanese sushi bars due to its mild, sweet flavor
  • Free of MSGs and artificial sweeteners
  • Ideal as a light salad vinaigrette