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Tempted to try your hand at Miso soup or Sukiyaki? One-pot soups and stews are an important element of Japanese culture, and in traditional households, are eaten with every main meal. But, unlike our tendency to start with soup, the Japanese serve theirs with rice, at the end of the main course. Miso is by far the simplest to get to grips with; a simple combination of white (or red) Miso paste, Dashi stock, tofu, and optional seasonal vegetables. Inspired? Then you’ll need a good Dashi stock!

Good quality Dashi stock is fundamental to the umami flavor of Miso soup, and where possible, it’s always recommendable to use home-made over store-bought instants. Of course, if you don’t have time, Dashi stock made by a reputable brand, such as Ajinomoto, will also suffice. Made from the highest quality dried Bonito and seaweed essence, Ajinomoto’s Hon Dashi Stock is as good as home-made in terms of umami. For best results, use a ratio of one half teaspoon of instant Dashi stock to one cup of water.

If you’re looking for nutritious Japanese winter warmers, Sukiyaki is another great recipe idea that can be altered according to personal preference, and seasonal availability of certain ingredients. Essentially a hot-pot comprising sliced beef, tofu, Shitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and noodles, it too relies on a simple base of Dashi stock – plus Soy Sauce, sugar and mirin. Hearty and filling, Sukiyaki is just one of many simple stews enhanced by the umami flavor of Dashi stock – a versatile ingredient that will transform even Western dishes!

Product Overview:

• High quality instant Dashi stock – perfect for broths, soups and stews
• Produce great tasting stock in under five minutes – just add water
• Adds instant ‘umami’ to Miso Soup and Sukiyaki
• Mild, subtle taste similar to home-made stock
• Made from premium quality Bonito (dried) and seaweed essence
• Large, 1 kg bag
• Ingredients: Salt, monosodium glutamate, lactose, sugar, dried bonito powder, disodium inosinate, bonito extract, yeast extract, disodium succinate

Important Note: This product contains lactose, therefore may not be suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

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