Kombu Dried Seaweed

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Want to try your hand at Miso soup? Dried Kombu (seaweed/ kelp) is one of the three essential components that make up dashi stock – the basal ingredient for Japan’s most famous, and arguably delicious soup. But, while you may be tempted by the convenience of powdered dashi stock, you should be aware that some commercial varieties are unnaturally high in MSGs (monosodium glutamates), and other undesirable additives. MSGs aside, once you’ve compared home-made dashi to a store-bought instant, you’ll never go back!

Naturally high in iodine, fiber and calcium, it’s not hard to understand why dried kombu features quite prominently in many styles of Japanese cooking. Its low calorific value, coupled with its umami flavor makes it ideal for broths, stews, and as a wrap for certain seafoods. Dried kelp for Miso is best in its natural state, and it doesn’t come any more natural than Wel-Pac’s Dashi Kombu.

Did you know that Kombu quality is largely dependent upon its age? Most varieties of commercial kombu are harvested from first year plants, which tend to be weaker in flavor. However, the vast majority of restaurants will only serve kombu from second year plants, due to the superior depth of umami they provide. Wel-pac understand all too well the importance of umami for stocks and broths, which is why they harvest ma-kombu specifically for dashi stock. Strong, nutrient dense and rich in flavor, it’s the best choice for restaurant-quality soups and stocks!

Product Overview:

  • 113.4 grams of fresh-dried, restaurant-quality kombu
  • Nutrient dense – high in iodine, fiber and calcium
  • MSG-free, with no additives or preservatives
  • Wild harvested and naturally dried
  • Produced using ma-kombu (second year) plants
  • Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians