Molecule-R Siphon

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Think you’ve perfected the art of creating magical foams and mousses? You may have mastered the basics with the Molecule-R Starter Kit, but unless you have a good quality whipper, you’ll never reach your full creative potential. Why? Quite simply because the Molecule-R Culinary Whipper encourages artistic expression with three differently sized, decorative nozzles, and can handle both hot and cold ingredients – setting the stage for unlimited culinary masterpieces!

Beautifully designed, with a matte grey canister and stainless steel head, the Molecule-R Culinary Whipper is a stylish addition to any kitchen. However, it’s also functional too! Unlike many whippers, the Molecule-R canister comprises both insulated inner, and coated outer layers, allowing it to handle hot and cold ingredients. Additionally, both the gasket and seal are removable, making it far easier to clean than many of its similarly priced counterparts. And if you’re worried about creating a frothy mess – don’t be. With a fixed, yet flexible stainless steel valve, and three specific attachments, the Molecule-R Culinary Whipper allows for far greater control with relatively minimal effort.

Piped mousses and creams can really add to the gourmet appearance of dishes. With the aid of the Molecule-R Culinary Whipper and Xanthan Gum, you can now create delicious low-fat alternatives too! By combining everyday ingredients with Molecule-R’s additives, you can achieve a whole host of other gourmet treats. Use Agar-Agar to delight guests with warm, savory mousse appetizers; produce melt-in-the-mouth chocolate mousses with Cold Soluble Gelatin, foamed ice-cream, and even fluffy marshmallow centers! With five sachets of each included, you’ll have plenty to experiment with before that next dinner party!

Product Overview:

  • Sophisticated culinary whipper favored by professional chefs
  • Allows you to create low-fat alternatives to whipped cream and mousses with ease
  • Produce melt-in-the-mouth chocolate mousses, creamy cake fillings and foamed ice-creams
  • Dual layer canister designed for both hot and cold ingredients
  • Fixed stainless steel valve for greater control
  • Supplied with: 3 decorative attachments, cleaning tool, and 10-recipe booklet
  • Removable components for ease of cleaning
  • Includes Molecule-R additive sachets (15 total): 5 x Xanthan Gum, 5 x Agar-Agar, and 5 x Cold Soluble Gelatin
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