Edible Gold Leaf Flakes 100mg

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 Do you aspire to serving indulgent, Las Vegas style sushi? Touted as one of the most opulent sushi rolls on the planet, Sushi Roku’s “High Roll-er” has inspired no end of sushi chefs to incorporate the decadence of gold leaf into their own creations. While edible, gold leaf flakes have little ‘taste’ per se,  however, they do add to the esthetic of a dish. So, if you’re making sushi for resale, the addition of this precious metal can certainly have an impact upon your profits!

Though commonly used for baking and cake decorating, our Edible Gold Leaf Flakes can be utilized for all manner of dishes. From simple chocolate desserts, to Kobe beef and lobster sushi rolls (á la Sushi Roku), a light dusting of gold leaf can really add polish to your culinary creations. Our Edible Gold Leaf Flakes are sold in a clear, acrylic cube shaker for ultimate convenience, and packaged in a clear, decorative box – ideal for gift-giving!  

Product Overview:

  • 100 mg precious, edible gold leaf flakes
  • Add a touch of opulence to party sushi rolls and beverages
  • Sold in a clear cube shaker
  • Packaged in a decorative box – ideal for giving as a gift
  • Produced in Germany
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