Wasabi Sesame seeds

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Love the Asiatic flavor of Wasabi, but not the heat? Lightly spiced, with just a hint of warmth, Roland Wasabi Flavored Sesame Seeds are the perfect compromise. Be they sprinkled atop tuna sashimi, or combined with Panko for a crisper, spicier Tonkatsu coating, Wasabi infused sesame seeds add a flavorful note, and an eye-catching splash of color to any dish.

Marrying the clean spiciness of wasabi with a texture not too dissimilar to Panko, Roland Wasabi Flavored Sesame Seeds are a crunchy, low calorie ingredient that can be used to enhance all manner of sushi creations. Add them to sushi rice for Onigiri to add a little bite; encrust a tuna steak prior to flash-searing for subtle spice, or crush them down with a little salt to make a spicy, green Gomashio. The possibilities are endless!

Dry roasted and naturally colored (using wasabi), Roland Wasabi Flavored Sesame Seeds contain no artificial additives or flavors. This, coupled with their oil-rich, Omega-6 properties makes them a healthy alternative to deep-fried Panko and tempura – and they’re just as crunchy! Roland Flavored Sesame Seeds are an effortless way of adding Asiatic flavor to your sushi creations. And since they come in a broad range of colors and flavors, you can have endless fun experimenting with flavor pairings too!

Product Overview:

  • Lightly spiced, Wasabi infused sesame seeds
  • Prominently nutty with undertones of clean, fresh Wasabi
  • Delicious with pan-seared tuna, or as ground Gomashio
  • No artificial colors or additives
  • Naturally roasted and colored using real Wasabi
  • High in Omega-6
  • Convenient 3.5 oz plastic shaker
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