Magnetic Knife Block – Bamboo

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Investing in a chef quality knife set is also an investment in style. So, what better way to display them than against this beautiful, contemporary backdrop of blond bamboo? Traditional slot knife blocks are a breeding ground for bacteria. And since the knives are permanently concealed, some woods have a tendency to dull blades with time too! Proudly mounted upon this angled Bamboo Magnetic Knife Dock, your knives will not only be protected from dulling and wear – they’ll become a show-piece in your kitchen too!

Bamboo is generally regarded a soft material. However, this only really applies to young plants from which baskets and ornaments are made. Bamboo wood itself is surprisingly tough, boasting a higher compressive resistance than concrete, and a “tensile strength” to rival steel! This, coupled with its naturally high silica content, and antibacterial properties, makes bamboo an especially good choice for kitchenware; the silica forming a natural seal so that neither food, moisture, or bacteria can penetrate it.

Is your kitchen designed for convenience? With cleverly concealed magnets, and an angled board, our Bamboo Magnetic Knife Dock makes it easy to grab knives when you’re flat out busy in the kitchen. Safer than conventional slotted docks, the magnetic slanted board also prevents knives from slipping when grasped too quickly. Simple, yet efficient, the Y-frame design (with rear ‘stand’) ensures minimal movement, while the four rubber, non-slip feet provide added grip on virtually any surface. Capable of holding 6 -12 knives, depending on size, our Bamboo Magnetic Knife Dock is every chef’s convenience!

Product Overview:

  • Stunning, contemporary Bamboo wood knife dock
  • Showcase your knives in style
  • Concealed magnets provide a convenient ‘grab and go’ alternative to slotted docks
  • Natural properties prevent moisture and bacteria penetrating the wood
  • Exceptionally strong and robust wood
  • Simple design makes it easy to clean
  • Capable of holding 6-12 knives, depending on size
  • Dimensions: Height: 21.8 cm (8.6″) Width: 25.9 cm (10.2″) Depth (with stand extended): 15.2cm (6”)

**no knives included**

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