DeLonghi Ice Cream Machine

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Ever toyed with the idea of creating ice cream from scratch? It’s a common misconception that making ice cream at home is both tricky, and time-consuming – but, not with the DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker! With uniquely designed paddles, and an innovative, on-board self-refrigerating compressor, the DeLonghi Gelato Maker makes fast work of combining and freezing fresh ingredients – enabling you to create rich, flavorful Italian gelato in under thirty minutes!

Creamy, indulgent, and typically lower in fat than conventional ice cream, Italian gelato is also comparatively denser, meaning it is far richer in flavor than other iced treats. However, this density can only be achieved with effective mixing of ingredients. With a deep stainless steel bowl, and patented, vertical paddles, the DeLonghi GM6000 ensures all ingredients are ‘caught up’ and combined thoroughly. And thanks to the clever hermetic lid, optimal temperature within the chamber is maintained during mixing. The lid also prevents air from entering into the chamber, meaning the gelato retains its wonderfully thick, indulgent density.

Efficient and eco-friendly, the DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker has been designed with convenience in mind; the lid, stainless steel bowl, and paddles all easily removable, and dishwasher safe. Constructed from durable, hard plastic, the outer body is also easy to clean using a damp cloth, or Q-tip for those hard-to-reach places. Its sleek, matte silver design also makes it an unobtrusive addition to any kitchen.

Gelato must be frozen quickly in order for it to remain air-free, which is why DeLonghi’s built-in self-refrigerating compressor is such a welcome feature. Powered by eco-friendly R410A “refrigerant gas”, the compressor instantly reduces the temperature of the chamber to below freezing point – further preventing the issue of air getting into the mixture, and saving you valuable time freezing the gelato yourself. Fancy getting creative with authentic Italian gelato? Fifty indulgent gelato and sorbet recipes are included with the machine, however, if you want to step things up a notch, you could also consider experimenting with champagne or liqueur for a truly extravagant treat!

Product Overview:

  • Professional standard authentic Italian gelato maker by DeLonghi
  • Create indulgent gelato recipes in under 30 minutes
  • Innovative onboard self-refrigerating compressor freezes contents while mixing
  • Angled, vertical paddles ensure all ingredients within the bowl are combined thoroughly
  • Hermetic lid prevents air from entering the gelato, and maintains optimal freezing temperature
  • Deep stainless steel bowl ensures ingredients do not stick
  • Removable, dishwasher safe components
  • 50-recipe DeLonghi gelato booklet included
  • Dimensions (inches):  H 12.8, W 9.6, D 16.7
  • Weight: 12.7 kg
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