Parma Ham Sushi Roll


Carrot-and-mascapone-mix-for-sushiPlace some Mascarpone in a bowl and mix with shredded Carrots

 nori-sheet-with-rice-how-to-make-sushi2) Spread out 150g of cooked sushi rice on a nori sheet.

leave 1/3 to 1/2 the sheet empty

Parma-Ham-in-a-sushi-roll-with-carrot-mix3) cover the rive with cling film and flip over the nori sheet place the fillings (Parma Ham and Carrot Mascarpone mix) over the empty 1/3 of the nori sheet as seen in the picture to the right.

sushi-roll-with-parma-ham4) Roll the sushi roll using a Sushi rolling mat.

For more information about how to roll a sushi roll

avocado-cutting-with-cheese-knife5) Cutting the avocado: 

cut a ripe avocado in half then skin it

slice ultra thin slices with a cheese knife.

placing-avocado-on-a-sushi-roll6) Cover the top side of the roll with avocado slices as you slice them, don’t pre-slice them as they are very fragile and will deform the more you handle them.

sushi-rolling-with-avocado-on-top7)  Trim the avocado with a knife so it has a equal and even edge.

cutting-parma-ham-for-sushi8) slice the Parma Ham in to 1cm width strips and a long enough length for your roll.

ham-on-sushi9) Place the strips of Parma Ham on the sushi roll as seen in the picture to the right.

CIMG1422-Optimized10) Cut the sushi roll, this will normally yield about 7-8 pieces and 2 end piece. Its very important to have a extremely sharp knife for this if you require a sushi knife

CIMG1443-Optimized11) now display the Parma Ham sushi roll, in the picture to the right i displayed a few pieces over some parma ham also added a bit of picked ginger and a dab of wasabi.

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