Avocado Exterior Roll recipe


nori-sheet-with-rice-how-to-make-sushi1)  Place a Nori sheet on a sushi rolling mat, then place an apple sized amount of rice on the Nori sheet , spread it out gently over the rice using your hands (keep your hands wet so the rice doesn’t stick).

Leave 1/3 empty.

avocado-outside-roll-how-to-lay-the-avovado-on-the-nori2)  Cut the avocado using a cheese knife and layer it over the rice as shown in the picture to the left.

crab-meat-with-mascapone3)  Mix the imitation crab meat with the mascarpone.

sushi-filling-for-avocado-outside-sushi-roll4)  Place some cling film over the avocado and nori and flip it over with the empty piece away from you.

Place the Salmon strips and crab/mascarpone at the top of the Nori sheet.

rolling-the-avocado-outside-sushi-roll5)  Roll the sushi roll ,

for more information on how to do this read: how to roll sushi

rolled-sushi-roll-avocado-exterior-salmon-crab-filling6) this is how it should look like after rolling.

cutting-the-avocado-sushi-roll7)  Keep the cling film on the roll while cutting as this will make it easier to cut, the roll should yield about 8 pieces with 2 end bits. its very important to use a sharp knife.

Avocado-roll-close-up-sushi18)  To finish the avocado sushi roll sprinkle some sesame seeds on the plate and add some pickled ginger and some wasabi.


  • Avocado
  • Sushi rice
  • Nori sheet
  • Salmon (sushi grade salmon)
  • Crab meat (imitation)
  • Mascapone (cheese)

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