Mosaic sushi roll recipe

This is a great sushi roll to learn how to make, it is remarkably beautiful and although it looks extremely complex it is surprisingly simple to make, when finished it has the added feature of being able to assemble it horizontally to create a sushi mosaic art piece.


cutting-teh-spiral-sushi-rollCut the spiral rolls in to quarters, length wise.

assembling-the-mosaic-sushi-roll-how-to-make-sushiAssemble the mosaic sushi roll , begin by placing two of the spiral roll quarters at one end of half a sheet of nori, the spiral pieces must be places opposing each other to form a V shape between them, in the V shape you place some avocado slices then some sashimi grade tuna followed by more slices and then two more spiral quarters to form a square shaped roll.

Now you begin the rolling by simply tipping the square ingredients on to its side, continue this process till you reach the end of the nori sheet.

Once you have finished rolling the mosaic roll leave it to rest for 10 minutes so that the moisture can seep out of the rice and in to the nori sheet causing it to shrink, this will compress the sushi roll as the nori tightens up.

sushi-art-amazing-fodCut the sushi roll using an extremely sharp knife.

Serve with some soya sauce, wasabi and ginger. Enjoy

tip: dip the tip on the knife in some water and allow a drop of water to run down the blade of the knife before cutting the roll, this will ensure cleaner cuts.




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