Four Seasons Sushi Roll Recipe

The four season roll is a very simple yet delicious sushi roll consisting of merely five components; Nori, sashimi grade salmon, sashimi grade tuna, avocado and Japanese seasoned rice. Making this maki roll is probably the easiest cooking on the planet seeing as it mainly consist of cutting the foods in to the right shape and then just assembling it, however once finished the four seasons sushi roll is anything but simple, its a beautiful arrangement of food art which tastes delicious.


sushi-making-salmon-tuna-and-avocado-shun-knife-on-a-cutting-boardBegin by cutting the salmon, tuna and avocado in to equal rectangle shaped pieces (2/5 inch squared) x length of the nori sea weed paper.

assembeling-food-for-a-sushi-recipeAssemble the ingredients on one edge of the nori sheet, two on top of two, I recommended to have the rice as one of the floor ingredients, simply place a strip of fish tuna on the sheet of nori then next to the fish you place a strip of rice roughly the same size as the strip of tuna. Then place a salmon strip on top of the rice and the avocado on top of the tuna.

rolling-the-four-seasons-suhsi-rollNow to roll the four season maki roll, this is the easiest sushi roll you will ever need to roll, simply hold the ingredients in the rectangular shape as you turn it 90º so that the next face of the rectangle is covered by the nori, keep turning it over till the roll is completely covered in nori. Leave the four season maki roll to rest for about 10 minutes so that the moisture from the rice and fish can seep out in to the nori, when nori gets wet it will shrink tightening the roll and compressing the ingredients.

cutting-four-seasons-rollCut the four seasons maki roll you will need a extremely sharp knife preferably of Japanese design.

Once you have cut the roll in to eight equal sized pieces, you can serve it on a plate with some wasabi paste, pickled ginger and soya sauce.




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