Shrimp nigiri sushi

Shrimp nigiri is a very easy and delightful nigiri sushi dish, to make it follow the simple steps in the video above, and the detailed instructions below.


 Step 1 . remove the head of the prawn and add a tooth pick between the belly of the shrimp and where the legs are making shore not to damage the flesh of the shrimp, this will keep it straight while cooking.

how-to-make-sushi-balls how-to-keep-a-shrimp-for-curling-up-when-you-cook-it-to-amke-shrimp-nigiri-sushi

 Step 2 . Cook the shrimp for 3 min in salty boiling water(add enough salt to make it taste like seawater), the salty water will prevent the loss of protein during the cooking and preserve the flavor.

Once the shrimp is cooked place straight into ice cold water, this will preserve the texture and color of the shrimp.shrimp-in-ice-bathshrimp-nigiri-sushi

  Step 3 . Peel the shrimp and then cut about 1cm  (2/5 inch) off where the head used to be, this cut is just for esthetic purposes.peeled-shrimp-for-nigiri-sushicooked-shrimp-for-nigiricutting-shrimp-for-nigiri-sushi

  Step 4 . Cut the shrimp on the belly side until you feel a pop, at this point the shrimp should open up like a butter flies wings, do not cut all the way through the shrimp


make-nigiri-by-handStep 5 . Making the shrimp nigiri, with your right hand pick up some cooked sushi rice (about the size of a quails egg) and softly form it in to an oblong shape. Then with the left hand pick up the shrimp butterfly and add some wasabi with your right hands index finger, now add the rice pressing down with your thumb while supporting the sides of the rice, now flip over the rice and shrimp, firm up the edges and press in the rice ends with your thumb while supporting the nigiri, turn round and press in the other side and you should be done.

 Step 6 . serve the shrimp nigiri on a plate with some soya sauce and pickled ginger.shrimp-nigiri-sushi-2-peicesprawn-nigiri-sushi




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