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Yo Sushi Roll Recipe

Yo Sushi Roll

Not to be confused with the YO! Sushi conveyor belt restaurant franchise, this delicious roll is filled with modern sushi classics salmon and avocado, and rolled in tobikko – better known as flying fish roe. The result looks great and tastes even better!


Step 1: preparing avocado

Cut an avocado in half by cutting through it until you reach the seed. Don’t try to cut through this seed, it will only blunt your knife. Instead, move your knife in a circular motion around the seed. Now you can easily separate both parts of the avocado by slightly turning each side in opposite direction.


Gently scoop out the seed with a spoon, then scoop out the flesh. Instead you can try peeling the avocado. Just make sure you don’t mess up the flesh. Cut the avocado in slices of 0.5 cm thick. Cut in a circumference, so you get slices of roughly equal size.

Just so you know: don’t eat the seed. A number of websites claim the seed is the most nutritious part of the avocado, but that’s not exactly true. Yes people: fake cooking news! Truth is: it’s not known if it’s really safe to eat the seed. There simply hasn’t been done enough research to be sure about this. Therefore, Chef Devaux recommends you stay on the safe side and not eat the seed.

If you really feel the need to do something with the avocado seed, grow an avocado tree from it.

cutting salmon for sushi

Step 2: preparing the salmon

Take a piece of sashimi grade salmon and slice it lengthwise in strips of 0.5 cm (o.2 inch). The amount of salmon you need depends on the number of rolls you want to make. For one roll, you need a piece with a length of approximately 15 cm (6 inch)

Step 3: filling the roll

Place a bamboo rolling mat on the cutting board or the table top. Take a half sheet of nori and place it with the shiny side down on the mat. Take 100 gram of cooked and seasoned sushi rice and spread it evenly over the nori. Flip the nori sheet around. Take a little bit of wasabi and spread it lengthwise on the middle of the sheet. You can use your fingers to do this. If you prefer not to use your fingers, do it with a small spoon. Just make sure you don’t damage the nori sheet.

Take 2 salmon strips and place them lengthwise on the middle of the sheet. Place 2 slices of avocado right next to the salmon.

adding filling to a sushi roll


starting to roll the sushi roll

Step 4: rolling the roll

If you don’t know how to roll this roll, Chef Devaux has prepared instructions and a video on the basics of sushi rolling. You can also closely watch the video that comes with this recipe to learn how to make this into a perfectly shaped roll.

Rolling sushi

Step 4: adding the tobikko

Cover the roll with tobikko. Use the convex side of a spoon to spread a thin layer across the surface on all sides of the roll. Chef Devaux uses orange tobikko for this roll. That’s the natural color. It’s also available in red, black, green and yellow. Each color has a different taste. Black tobikko is treated with squid-ink, yuzu (a citrus fruit from the Far East) is used to make it yellow, beet to make it red and wasabi to make it green.

adding tobiko on a sushi roll

Step 6: cutting the roll

Moisten your knife wet and cut the roll in half. Moistening your knife prevents rice or roe sticking to the blade. Wipe off the knife on a moist cloth in between each cut. Cut each half of the roll in half so you get quarters. Cut each quarter in half to get eights.

cutting the yo sushi roll

Note: the knife needs to be really sharp, otherwise you’ll mess up the sushi when cutting it. If your knife needs sharpening, here’s how to sharpen your knives for sushi.

When you’re done cutting, use the bamboo rolling mat to firm up the slices.

platting the yo sushi roll

Step 7: presenting the roll

To make the result look extra good, serve this orange colored sushi on a black plate. Serve with a little bit of pickled ginger, a dash of wasabi and some soy sauce in a ramekin. Enjoy!



  • Sharp knife, here is the one I used Miyabi knife
  • Table spoon
  • Wooden cutting board
  • Bamboo rolling mat


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Product name: Yo sushi roll recipe
Yo sushi roll recipe
Time to prepare the recipe: 10 minutes
Time to cook: 30 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes
Nutrition: 304
Servings: serves 1
Ingredients: seasoned and cooked sushi rice, nori, salmon, tobiko, wasabi, avocado,

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