Pink Salmon Sushi Roll

The pink salmon sushi roll is a eye popping roll due to the uncharacteristic pink/red color of the salmon topping which makes it almost look like tuna.

Its really a surprisingly easy sushi roll to make, its made is 2 basic steps roll a sushi roll then make some salmon sashimi marinated in beetroot juice to give it the amazing pink red color, place the pink salmon on top of the sushi roll you made before then cut it and voilà, Now that was a very simplified version of the recipe, if you want to fully understand how to make the pink salmon roll then read the full recipe below or view the video tutorial how to make the pink salmon roll above.


how-to-make-sushi-rolls-pink-salmon-sushi-roll-recipeStep 1 .

Spread out 150g of cooked sushi rice over half a sheet of nori .

if you don’t know how to cook sushi rice please learn how here : how to cook sushi rice

filling-of-sushi-roll-tempura-prawn.-mango-slices-and-avocado-slicesStep 2 .

Flip over the rice and nori , add the filling ; tempura shrimp, mango and avocado slices.

rolling-a-sushi-roll-with-a-bamboo-mat-in-a-plastic-bagStep 3 .

Roll the sushi roll.

To learn how to roll the sushi roll please refer to: how to roll sushi rolls

Step 4 .

Making the pink salmon.

Cut sushi grade salmon slices 0.25cm thick, dip the salmon slices in to beetroot juice and leave to soak up the juices of the beetroot juice for at least 5 minutes and remove the excess juices with a hand towel.











placing-pink-salmon-on-a-sushi-roll-how-to-make-sushi-rollsStep 5 .

Place the pink salmon over the sushi roll as shown in the picture to the left.

Cover the roll with some cling film, fix the pink salmon topping to the roll with a bamboo rolling mat.

Cut the sushi roll with the cling film on it using an extremely sharp knife in to 10 pieces consisting of 2 exterior pieces to thrown away or used as decoration and 8 pieces to serve.

pink-sushi-rolls-on-a-sushi-rolling-mat-amazing-sushi-roll-1024x603Step 6 .

Serve the pink salmon sushi pieces on a  plate with some soya sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Done, enjoy.


  • sushi grade salmon
  • 3 beetroots juiced
  • mango slices
  • avocado slices
  • 150g  cooked sushi rice
  • half a sheet nori
  • 3 tempura shrimp



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