Salmon Skin Hand Roll


hand-roll-sushi-making.jpegStep One: place 50 grams of cooked sushi rice on half a sheet of nori (seaweed paper) as seen in the picture to the left.

Learn how to make sushi rice here

sushi-hand-roll-crispy-sweet-chili-salmon-with-masago-seasoned-capelin-eggsStep Two: place the sweet chili glazed salmon skin on the rice and then add the sweet chili sauce followed by the masago eggs at a 45% angle to the middle corner as seen in the picture.

hand-roll-sushi-avocado-paprika-crispy-salmon-and-masagoStep Three: Add the sliced paprika and sliced avocado over the salmon skin and masago eggs.

sushi-hand-roll-with-lettuceStep Four:  Add a hand full of lettuce over the rest of the filling.

rolling-a-sushi-hand-rollStep Five: Begin the rolling from the corner with rice and no filling as shown in the picture to the left. Make shore to compress all the filling in to the roll as you form a cone shape.

sealing-the-sushi-rand-rollStep Six: To close the roll add little bit of sushi rice at the end to act as glue and keep the roll closed.

Sushi Hand Roll Finished !

serve on a plate with some soya sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

sweet chili glazed salmon
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