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Halloween Inspired Sushi

Get into the spirit of Halloween this year with Chef Devaux’s kooky, black Halloween Inspired Sushi Roll. A devilish concoction comprising tender, sushi grade salmon filet, squid ink infused sushi rice, and crispy, dehydrated carrot, this delicious, themed masterpiece will take center stage at your Halloween party!



Step 1: Preparing the Dehydrated Carrot

Remove the surface skin from the carrot using the blade of your knife, peeling away a very thin layer. Chop off both ends.

With the micro plane, grate approximately half of the carrot using the finest blades. Spread thinly across the uppermost rack of the food dehydrator, and leave overnight.

carrot in dehydrator

Once ready, use a closed spatula to transfer the dehydrated carrot into an airtight container. Ensure the container is properly sealed to avoid the risk of moisture penetration, which can cause the carrot to become soggy.

black sushi rice

Step 2: Preparing the Black Rice

Empty two sachets (or 12 grams) of squid ink into a plastic jug, followed by 200 ml of water. Combine the two using a hand blender until the resulting liquid is smooth and lump-free.

Pour 120 grams (4 oz) of pre-washed, white sushi rice into your rice cooker. Add the black ‘dye’. The quantity should be enough to just cover the rice. Leave to cook.

When ready, transfer the sushi rice into a large hangiri oke. Spread out the rice using the shamoji, then drizzle with sushi rice vinegar. Mix thoroughly to ensure even coverage.

pre rolling the black sushi roll

Step 3: Constructing the Sushi Roll

Lay a half sheet of Nori horizontally on your chopping board. Moisten your fingers with a little water, then, transfer over 120 grams (4 oz) of the cooked black sushi rice onto the sheet. Use your fingers to spread, and fluff out the rice across the sheet, covering the entire surface area.

Encase your bamboo rolling mat in a zip-lock bag to create a non-stick rolling aid. Then, flip the Nori sheet over onto the rolling mat, rice-side down.

rolled black sushi roll

Position a single length of sushi grade salmon filet across the Nori sheet, roughly an inch in from the nearest edge. Lift up the edge of the rolling mat closest to you, and begin curling the Nori sheet over, enclosing the length of filet. Apply pressure continuously with your fingers to compact, and ‘firm up’ the contents of the roll. Roll over once more to finalize the shape, before unrolling.

Step 4: Cutting and Presentation

Lay the sushi roll horizontally on the chopping board. Wet the blade of your knife using a damp cloth, then begin cutting the sushi roll into slices. For equal segments, first cut the roll into half, and then the halves into quarters. Slice each of the quarters further into eighths. Ensure to regularly moisten your knife between cuts so that the rice does not stick.

Use the rolling mat, as before, to firm up the roll. Then, set to one side.

halloween sush roll

Clean and dry your board thoroughly to avoid the dehydrated carrot becoming soggy. Sprinkle the carrot shavings onto the chopping board, spreading them out so they cover a surface area equivalent to the sushi roll. With the blade of your knife, transfer the segments over to the carrot. Roll each over in the carrot shavings until the entire outer surface is covered. Repeat for the remaining slices.

Transfer the sushi roll slices onto a white ceramic plate or sushi board, then garnish with a little pickled ginger and fresh Wasabi to the side. Add further Halloween inspired garnish as desired.


  • 1 carrot
  • 120 grams (4 oz)  white sushi rice (washed)
  • 12 grams squid ink
  • 200 ml water
  • Sushi rice vinegar
  • Half sheet of Nori
  • Long strip of sushi grade salmon filet (approx. 10-12 cm in length by 1.5 cm width

Optional Garnish:

  • Pickled ginger (shredded)
  • Fresh, ground Wasabi


  • Miyabi or similar knife
  • Wooden chopping board
  • Electric food dehydrator
  • Micro plane/ cheese grater
  • Closed spatula
  • Plastic storage carton (with airtight lid)
  • Hand blender
  • Measuring jug
  • Electric rice cooker
  • Large hangiri oke
  • Shamoji (rice paddle)
  • Bamboo rolling mat (encased in a zip-lock bag)
  • Ceramic sushi plate/ board


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Product name: Halloween Sushi Roll Recipe
Halloween Sushi Roll Recipe
Time to prepare the recipe: 15 minutes
Time to cook: 30 minutes
Duration: 45 minutes
Servings: serves 1
Ingredients: salmon, carrot, sushi rice, nori, wasabi, pickled ginger, squid ink,

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