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It’s a wrap

To many people sushi is strongly associated with maki sushi. The word means ‘to wrap’ or ‘to roll’. In its most simple form, rice and one or more other ingredients are spread on a sheet of nori and tightly rolled into a cylinder with a diameter of approximately 3 centimeter. You already made a basic maki sushi in lesson 2.

When the diameter is slightly larger – 4 centimeter – it’s called futomaki. This is often filled with 3 different ingredients.


Rolling on!

To work on your rolling skills, let’s make some delicious maki-style rolls. Chef Devaux shows you how to proceed and provides you with written instructions for each recipe. Just choose one or more rolls you like and start rolling. Various rolling techniques are involved. Chef Devaux recommends you make them all, if necessary in separate sessions. This will greatly improve your rolling skills!

Santa Sushi roll

Panda Sushi roll

Four Seasons Sushi roll

Full Moon Sushi roll

Flower Sushi roll

Sushi Roll without rice


California rolling

It is called uramaki when the ingredients are wrappend inside the nori, with the rice on the outside. This is for obvious reasons also called an Inside Out roll. One of the best known types of uramaki is the California Roll.

Chef Devaux slightly adjusted the recipe of this world famous and universally liked sushi roll. While doing so he managed to make it taste even better!

Learn how to make a California Roll


There’s also a kind called temaki. With temaki there’s no rolling into rolls involved. Instead the rice and other ingredients are hand rolled into a cone shape. Click here to learn how to make a delicious Salmon Skin hand roll.


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