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Cut it!

Making great sushi involves a lot of cutting. Cutting fish, cutting seafood, cutting garnish, cutting sushi rolls. Cutting has two purposes: determining the size of the ingredients or portions, and equally important: making the ingredients look great. A really sharp knife is essential for making clean cuts. That’s why its worthwhile to invest in a quality knife.

japanese knives for sushi cutting

The best knives

Chef Devaux recommends an original Miyabi knife. These knives from Japan are extraordinary sharp and  have a traditional Japanese D-shaped handle that enables you to hold it in your hand comfortably. For precision cutting – and that’s what you need for great looking sushi – these great looking knives are simply the best.

Make sure you don’t use your Miyabi knife or any other sushi knife for anything else but sushi. This is to prevent your knife becoming blunt.

Click here to order an original Miyabi knives.

If you don’t want to invest or simply cannot afford a Miyabi knife, click here to order a cheaper knife.


Cutting board

Also make sure you do the cutting on a wooden cutting board. Make it a large one, to give you space to work on. It’s important that your cutting board is made of wood. Plastic or other materials will dull your knife way to soon. Cutting boards are usually widely available. Nevertheless, if you can’t find one, click here to order a wooden cutting board.


Cook and learn

By now you must be wondering when you’re going to learn about the actual cutting. Don’t be disappointed, but that’s a skill you will learn along the way. There are many ways to cut ingredients. As you progress through Sushi University, Chef Devaux will teach you how to prepare all kinds of sushi and show you how to cut the corresponding ingredients. Just stay wit the program, learn how to prepare all kinds of sushi and after a while you’ll notice your knife skills have really improved!

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