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Making basic sushi rolls


 Sushi rolls are at the basis of any great sushi meal. There are several kinds of rolls. You will learn about that later. These are the 4 basic steps for making sushi rolls.

Step 1: cooking sushi rice

Rice is at the basis of any sushi roll. The rice should be sticky with a slightly sour taste. Click here to learn how you can cook great sushi rice.

Step 2: making the filling

You can fill sushi with fish, seafood, vegetables or even meat. Fish and seafood are either raw or cooked. A mix is also possible. Meat is almost always cooked. For starters try some of the delicious filling suggestions on the right.

Step 3: rolling the roll

In general there are two accepted shapes of sushi rolls: square and round. Whichever you prefer, a rolling mat is a cheap but valuable tool for rolling the rolls. Rolling freehand gives you more possibilities, but requires practice and patience to master. Here’s a beginners guide to rolling the rolls.

Step 4: cutting the roll

The purpose of cutting the roll is dividing it into bite-size pieces.  A really sharp knife is essential to cut cleanly through the roll. Make sure you use a quality knife and learn how to sharpen your knife professionally. Because eventually all knives become blunt with use.


The main function of sauce is to add flavor. It can also enhance the visual appeal of your sushi. In general sauce for sushi is for either marinating filling, topping or dipping. These 3 great sauces will make you look like a pro right away!

Basic sushi knowledge

Fish is obviously very important for making great sushi. The same goes for wasabi. To get you started in basic Japanese cuisine, you should also know about dashi stock.