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Learn the Basics of Making Sushi Here.

So you want to know how to make sushi rolls?

You have come to the right place here you will find all you need to know so that you also can make sushi rolls or anything sushi related.

Sushi Rice  The basis of any great sushi relies heavily on the rice after all sushi does not refer to the fillings or toppings used but rather the sour rice used to make it, see my sushi rice recipe here.

Filling  There are many things you can fill your sushi with raw fish, vegetables and even meat. On the right are some suggestions.

Rolling  It can be tricky for a beginner to roll their first sushi roll, especially since there are so many different styles to try; maki, uramaki, hosomaki, futomaki. learn more about rolling here.

Cutting  This is possibly by far the most difficult part for a beginner, mainly because most beginners don’t have an adequately sharp knife to cut through the nori and rice combination that makes up a sushi roll. To solve this, you can either get a new quality knife or learn to sharpen your knife professionally (preferably both).


Here are some great sauces that you can definitely use in your cooking adventures:

Some More Basic Info:

Below is some more basic info that I think you should know to make your own sushi: