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Fancy a slice of o-musubi? Contrary to popular belief, o-musubi and Hawaiian Spam Musubi aren’t the same thing – although they share a number of similar characteristics. Hawaiian Spam Musubi is essentially a block of cooked, salted rice topped with grilled spam, and wrapped in Nori. O-musubi, however, is an alternative Japanese term for Onigiri, for which rice is both seasoned, and sweetened, during cooking. Another characteristic the two share is uniformity; both made from compressed balls of rice shaped into cube-shaped ‘cakes’, or rectangles. Historians attest this clever design was incepted to make it easier for Japanese warriors to carry their food. Time to ditch those chopsticks?

It’s no huge secret that the vast majority of sushi chefs utilize molds of varying shapes to produce Onigiri,  however, it’s not just for esthetic reasons. Sushi molds are incredibly useful aids for compacting rice into a desired shape – far easier than the traditional method of using heavy blocks of wood! Featuring a single compartment, and lid for manual compression, our handy, acrylic Japanese Sushi/ Musubi Press Mold takes the stress out of creating perfectly shaped rice ‘cakes’ for Onigiri. Non-stick and flexible, the Sushi Press Mold also features a marginally smaller base to make extraction just that little bit easier too!

Product Overview:

  • Professional quality acrylic sushi/ Musubi mold
  • Flexible, prism-like design for ease of extraction
  • Features a single compartment mold, plus lid for compression
  • Simply spoon in your rice, then use the lid to compress it down until the mold is full
  • Ideal for Musubi and Onigiri
  • Narrower base for quick removal
  • Food-safe, non-stick acrylic
  • Dimensions: Length: 3 ¾” Width: 2 ½”     Depth: 2″


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