Hexagonal Glass Jars Spice Rack, 24 glass jars EMPTY.

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Is space a precious commodity in your kitchen? If you’re forever rummaging among tins and jars in your cupboards for basic recipe enhancements and spices, chances are, your kitchen could do with an organizational re-think. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on repositioning cupboards. From simple ideas, such as hanging pans, to drawer dividers and cupboard door racks, there are a host of clever, contemporary storage ideas you can implement to improve your freedom in the kitchen.

When space is at a minimum, every available service should be regarded as a flexible area for adaptation – including the door of your refrigerator! Ergonomically designed, our 24-Piece Hexagonal Glass Jar Spice Rack is an ingenious storage solution that securely affixes to the door of your fridge by way of magnets. Cleverly concealed within the lids of the twenty-four, one-ounce storage jars, their power combined supports the weight of the glass, thus creating a floating spice rack that is not only stylish, but convenient and accessible too!

Are you forever turning jars around to identify them? Labeling systems are extremely useful for organization in the kitchen – especially with herbs and spices that often appear very similar. Our handy, 24-Piece Hexagonal Glass Jar Spice Rack set is supplied with forty-five, pre-printed labels (featuring the most common spice names), along with five additional ‘blanks’ for your own use. Gneiss Spice also offer a bespoke customization service, should you prefer the spice names embossed on the lids!

Product Overview:

  • do-it-yourself floating spice-rack kit
  • Securely affixes to any vertical metal surface by way of magnets
  • Frees up cupboard space, and makes spices more accessible
  • Food-safe cap within the jar lid creates a barrier between magnet and contents
  • Ideal space-saving solution for small kitchens
  • Supplied with 45 pre-printed spice labels, and 5 blanks
  • Can be wall mounted with a metal wall plate (sold separately)


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