Hexagonal Glass Jars Spice Rack, filled with 24 essential spices.

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Running out of space? If your kitchen seems cluttered and claustrophobic, it may be time to re-think the layout. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean a complete design overhaul. With a little re-jigging and one or two convenient, space-saving solutions, you can easily free up space for prep and cooking. Combining a stylish esthetic with the convenience of all your spices in one place, this 24-Piece, honey-comb Everything Spice Kit is a clever alternative to a counter-top spice rack – and it holds more too!

An ideal size for storing atop your fridge, the Everything Spice Kit comprises twenty-four, 1.5 oz jars of organic herbs and spices ranging from cayenne pepper, chili flakes and allspice, to onion flakes, garlic granules and mustard seeds. Hexagonally shaped, the jars feature strong neodymium magnetic sides, making it easy to slot them back in place quickly after use. The food-safe internal cap within the jars also ensures the magnets do not interfere with, or alter the quality of your spices. Additional features include air-tight seals, and stamped lids for ease of identification.

Product Overview:

  • 24-Piece herb and spice kit contains everything you need to create delicious, home-made recipes for the whole family
  • Hexagonal shaped jars and honey-comb design make it easy to slot them into place
  • In-built neodymium magnets prevent jars from collapsing
  • Internal food-safe cap prevents magnets altering the quality of the spices
  • Sustainably farmed, organic spices that are nut and gluten free
  • Embossed lids in a choice of gold, silver or black
  • Wall mountable with rustic wall-plate (sold separately)
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