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Dabbling with molecular gastronomy? If you want to create the kind of sauce foams and aerated garnishes popular in gourmet and fusion restaurants, you’ll need a high quality siphon that will stand the test of time. Of stainless steel construction, the iSi 1603 is both robust, and ergonomic; finished in a semi-matte steel that is both eye-catching, and dishwasher safe. From whipped cream and soda foam, to hot, airy sauces and gourmet mousses, the iSi 1603 Siphon will help you bring your creative ideas to fruition!

Sophisticated looks aside, the iSi 1603 Siphon is actually very simple to use. First, add whipped cream and sugar to the halfway mark of the canister – never more, as the cream will expand as it becomes aerated. Then, affix the correct nozzle to the valve. To add a gas cartridge, simply unscrew the stainless steel capsule holder, pop in a gas cartridge (small end at the top), then twist the holder onto the ‘head’ until a hissing sound emanates. Shake the unit for ten seconds, then flip upside down prior to use to help combine the contents. When ready, direct the nozzle, and apply gentle pressure to the lever to release the cream. It’s that simple!

Siphons aren’t just for decorative whipped cream swirls. In fact, they can be used for both hot and cold applications, such as soup ‘toppings,’ hot foaming sauces, piped sorbets, and carbonating soda (with a CO2 cartridge). Ergonomically designed, the iSi 1603 Siphon bears a number of functional features that make it just that bit easier to work with, including a red rubber grip around the canister head,  tabbed seal (for ease of removal) and three different nozzles to choose from. Ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen?

Product Overview:

  • Chef-quality, stainless steel whipped cream siphon
  • 1-pint capacity
  • Create sophisticated whipped cream toppings, frothy sauces and flavorful foams
  • Fixed steel valve allows for greater precision and control
  • Flexible tabbed seal for ease of cleaning and removal
  • Includes: three decorating nozzles, cleaning brush, and charger canister
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel finish
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