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Trying to reform those unhealthy eating habits? Help is at hand with the Lakeland My Kitchen Electric Food and Fruit Dehydrator. Combining balanced heat and airflow from the base, the Lakeland Dehydrator transforms your favorite fruits and vegetables into healthy, dried snacks by extracting excess moisture without cooking. Not only are essential nutrients retained; flavors and aromas are too!

A popular choice with sushi cooks, the Lakeland My Kitchen Electric Food and Fruit Dehydrator can be used for all manner of preparatory needs, including Nori (seaweed) sheets, cucumber, and avocado skins. Simply arrange your fruit and vegetables across the five height-adjustable trays, then allow the dehydrator to work its magic. Times will vary depending upon the density of sliced ingredients, however, it is still faster, and in many respects healthier, than conventional cooking.

Stuck for space? Limited storage is a problem in many domestic kitchens, but don’t let that put you off. At just 33 cm in diameter by 24 cm in height, the Lakeland My Kitchen Food and Fruit Dehydrator will take up relatively minimal space on your counter-top – and could even replace some of your existing kitchenware! Experiment with candied peels and sun-dried tomatoes; extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables for preserves, or create delicious dried snacks. With the Lakeland Food and Fruit Dehydrator, the possibilities really are endless!

Product Overview:

  • Produce healthy, dried fruit and vegetable snacks at the push of a button
  • Ideal for ‘sun-drying’ and preserving ingredients – including seaweed for Nori sheets
  • Gentle airflow and rising heat extract moisture and enhance flavors
  • 5 height-adjustable trays for bulk food dehydration
  • Compact, counter-top size – just 33 cm in diameter
  • Full instruction booklet with general dehydration times included
  • Dimensions: 33 cm Diameter x 24 cm Height (13″ x 9½”).
  • Power: 250W
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